Scientists lead to reading the view of rats thanks to brain maps


Australia scientists have been able to predict where a rat would go through search only in what neurons are activated in the hippocampus of the rodent, according to a study published in the journal Science Daily. Additionally, the researchers created 'brain maps & # 39; To visualize the decisions made by the animals.

During the experiment, the rats moved through a Labyrinth with eight compartments, Three of which contain rivers in the form of food. The rats are in the labyrinth more than once Form memories Where the rewards are hidden. Such a task was to identify two different spatial memory features: remind and work memory.

The Remind memory Is the memory that allows a rat to remember which compartments contain rewards and what do not. The Work memory It is the memory that keeps track of the compartments that the rat has not yet reached so that the rodent does not make unnecessary trips. To test the working memory, the researchers have experienced the experiment in such a way that only the compartments with rewards have been opened, and to test the reference memory they have closed the compartments that the rat has already visited.

The activity of Place cells From the rat at the time of choosing the route gave the researchers an idea of ​​the immediate plans of the animal. The researchers can not only predict where the rat would go, but they also knew in advance when it would make a mistake, "repeating a false tour".

The scientists hypothesized that the brain uses different strategies to solve the tasks of remembering memory and work.

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