Scandal in the Women's Copa Libertadores: The Champions Instead That The Prize Will Be Billed By Men

On Sunday, Athlantico Hila of Colombia won the women's Copa Libertadores, which was in Manus, Brazil, after a 1-1 draw between Santos de Pele and a penalty shootout of 3-5.

But in the return of the squad, the figure of the champions, Annelie Rinkon, claimed that the $ 55,000 they received from Cambodia will not reach them, but the men's team, which plays in the first division of The Colombian League.

"For our champions we won $ 55,000, money that will never reach us, which comes to the people's athletic hyena, a team that has a different president as we have, which is Diego Perdago," said the number ten in a video released In their social networks.

The Triumph of All Colombia


The achievement of the girls from Huila had double male since the women's soccer league in Colombia that was born two seasons back, was played in half in 2018 and is in doubt for the next season.

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