Samsung Galaxy S10 Lithuania would be the same processor as its older brothers


This is very likely for the first half of this year Samsung Bring us, at least, a trio of yours Flags. Among them will be the rumored one Galaxy S10 Lite.

As we anticipated earlier, this variant will be made up of 5.8 inch screen. Now, The battery capacity would remain at 3,100mA.

That amount may seem small – or scarce – for some. However, it was estimated that, as compensation, the processor that incorporates is one more effective from the energy point of view.

With this, the eventuality of the power being involved – or rather diminished – would be in the center of attention. Therefore, many users may claim that they will not be in front of a full-fledged flagship.

Samsung, perhaps aware of this criticism and forcing a bad impression, seems to be analyzing this point.

Put another way, now A new rumor suggests that the Galaxy's 10th Lite would come with it Chipset Really pointer. That is, Will alternate between the Qualcomm Snpadragon 855 and the Exynos 9820 Depending on the market to which the respective units are directed.

Even if we think carefully, some of the two socks already need the development and evolution to provide better autonomy and more than enough power.

Anyway, it's still the real intrigue of which the processor will bring this lite variant of the Galaxy S10 range. In addition, it should be remembered that all assumptions are made with this premise Smartphone Yes, that would be the case.

It is still time for Samsung to present its new stellar phones and something can happen from here to the revelation of them.

Source: Gizchina

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