River and Boca collide in Madrid to once decide the Monarch of the Copa Libertadores


Four weeks after the first leg And half a month later than planned, River Plate And Boca Juniors Will decide Sunday on the turf of the stadium "Santiago Bernabé, who is the king of South America, who wins the Most controversial Copa Libertadores And, perhaps, also the most popular in history.

A troop, an attack on Boca bus, successive postposts, and, finally, the surprising decision to transfer the definition of the title to Madrid is a fun game that far from its result will be unforgettable.

Because that started as the "End of the century"By this clash between the two great Argentines, is drifting "The longest final in the world", Paraphrasing the history of Oswaldo Soariano is "the Conquerors Cup", when moving to Madrid, or "the end of the disgrace", for the decision to remove it from the continent through the conspiracy.

Nobody was keen to this end that has strong emotions and expands all expectations. From presidents of government to artists, the highest instincts of football, former players or technicians, all have their view.

And with so much noise, far away is the first leg, which brought a great football show that left everything open to solve a 2-2 in La Bombonera.

River is more team And took the initiative, however Boca demonstrates a huge offensive power Which he allowed to continue twice.

Now, Marcelo Gallardo, River Plate Coach, hopes to take advantage of the uprising state of mind of their own, who feel hurt. "They damaged our spirit, but that would make us stronger," he said after the final match of the Argentine League.

The "Muoneco" recovers with respect to those who are going to Leo Ponzio, A certain value in the center of the field. However, he will not be able to line up the Colombian Rafael Santos Borré And practically it was discarded Ignacio Scoco, Still suffering a tear in the right cold.

The river knows that its trick will be played in the center of the field. It enjoys the gift of Exact Palacios, Which passes an examination in which he can be stadium soon, and the arrival of the competitor area of Gonzalo "Pity" Martínez, Who seems to live his last moments in the club, before emigrating to American football.

As shown in the training, the question is whether it will play five in the background, which would give you options Martinez Quarta, Or with four, with that may enter Ignacio Fernández In the line of flyers.

Thus, the most probable number of millionaires is drawn Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Martinez Quarta (Ignacio Fernández), Jonathan Maidana, Javier Pinola, Milton Casco; Exquisite Palacios, Leonardo Ponzio, Enzo Pérez, Gonzalo Martínez; Lucas Pratto.

The Attack for Boca, meanwhile, does not seem like a problem. The postponement of the last It serves to recover Cristian Pavón, Injured in the first leg, and coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto had enough variations to surprise the opponent.

With the Colombian Washa Uubila in a state of grace (14 goals), Dario Benedetto It has become the surprise factor since the semifinals (4 goals). The "twins" can go to Sebastian Villa And pavón, draw the experience of Carlos Tevez and the opportunism of Benedetto or even of Edwin Cardona, Which was held on Sunday against Independiente.

In the stellar elephant of the "Xenizes" appear Esteban Andrada; Julio Alberto Buffarini, Carlos Izquierdoz, Lisandro Magallán, Lucas Olaza; Nahitan Nandez, Wilmar Barrios, Pablo Pérez; Sebastián Villa (Carlos Tevez), Cristian Pavón (Benedetto); Vantoup.

The "red" will precisely reach Boca with 7 titles if he wins, while for the river he will be fourth in case of victory.

However, in a high-risk encounter, with 4,000 policemen in charge of security and a "BERNABE" with 80,000 people, River and Boca, Argentina, and all South America, they play more than one title, in a final with elongate And definition of penalties in case of a tie. The stake is the credibility of their football and the possibility of changing the image that is damaged on the road to monumental.

All the action of the historic party, programmed for the 4:30 p.m. (19:30 GMT) You can follow it through these Virtual bookmark of AlAireLibre.cl.

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