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Risk factor for heart disease • The New Journal


Pressure should be considered a risk factor for heart disease, almost as important as obesity or overweight because it triggers the same chemical processes in the body, said specialists.

During the International Cardiovascular Protection Symposium taken in Guadeloupe (West Mexico), Cardiologist Carlos Xerxes explains that although pressure on his own does not cause heart attack or coronary artery disease, it does not contribute to the arterial blockage. for these problems to occur.

"That stress is not a major factor, but naturally, when it goes off, it will produce alterations or activities of the central nervous system," said the director of the Cardiology Institute and the Vascular Medicine Program at the Technological University of Texas. monterrey.

Pressure should be considered as a risk factor for heart disease. Archive / end

The special explained that stress triggers in the nervous system the same preinflammatori sitokines that implament obesity and trigger smoking, "then it is added as a very important factor."

He added that Cytokines are proteins that can be used to produce inflammation that is directed at the blood vessels of the endoscelium, which is the layer that lines the inside of the heart and affects the functioning of the organ.

The World Health Organization (WHO) subject that eight of ten first heart infarkts or cerebral vascular events are preventabal.

Pressure should be considered as a risk factor for heart disease. Archive / end

However, the lack of prevention strategies contributes to the increase in the death rate due to cardiac events that decade takes the lives of 17 million people in the world and it is estimated that by 2030 the figure will rise to 23.6 million.

The specialist explains that this can be caused not only by daily life problems but also by anxiety and depression, elements that are enhanced when there are causes such as overweight, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure or obesity. .

Javier Antezana, Interventional Clinical Cardiologist at the National Medical Center Cardiology Hospital, said it is a higher incidence of heart attacks among young people due to drug intake such as cocaine, but it has been complicated to have a statistical one since the patient lights had consumed them.

"A lot of patients are taken to kataterizatyon early and the young patients see that they could not have Obstructive leyzanz," he said.

The International Symposium on Cardiovascular Protection, organized by the pharmaceutical company Bier, is attended by doctors who debate primary and secondary prevention therapies as well as the benefits and adverse effects of applying some treatments.

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