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Although there have never been cases of HANDALA in Magallanes, the information has been reinforced for people traveling to regions with this disease.

With the purpose of delivering preventive messages from Handa virus and foodborne diseases, the intendant (s) of Magallanes, Nicolas Cogler, Ceramic Health, Mariela Rojas, Ceremony Agriculture, José Fernández, Director of the Health Service, Magallanes (S), Karin Victory and the headquarters of DGAC's DGAC, Sergio Gallo, have been involved in education and preventive action at the Carlos Ibiza del Campo Airport on the occasion of the health summer's "campaign for health", which seeks to help out. Identify habits and behavioral recommendations that must be accepted to prevent diseases.

The interior (s) of Magallanes, Nicola Collier, explain that this visit to the terminal has the purpose of talking to those who are going to vacation so that in those areas where they participate they have the corresponding movement. "We've known that last year's figures at the national level are 33 people who contracted the Hana virus, 7 people have died from the disease. We want our citizens to take care of themselves, which is why we are still a Pleasant for self-care, "he said.

The Authority declares the recommendation "If you travel to the areas with the presence of a wild rodent or long-tailed mouse, don't forget to avoid the spot for at least 30 minutes, wash all the surfaces with chlorinated water. Camping, choose a carp that is well sealed and protect food and utensils, not to choose places with postures where these species can live.

Magalan's Health Ceremony, Mariela Rozhas, explains that although there have never been cases of this disease in the area, it is important to inform and remember about the presence of the hand virus in other regions through the delivery of measures and advice. Practices to reduce the risk of contracting this disease. To this was added the precaution of washing and consumption of food, adequate maintenance and refrigeration. Do not consume food on the street, better authorized premises, do not consume homemade mayonnaise, always wash hands with soap and water. In this way, avoid energy diseases characterized by diarrhea, take special care with the pathologies of children and older adults.

Agriculture, Ceremonial Cereals, José Fernandez, joined in with the activity of stressing that self-care was key, caring about food consumption, places to visit, and their conditions, especially during this time when the aforementioned, and greater, infectious diseases. If they visit rural areas and protect wild areas.

The Carlos Ibasez Airport this summer had 18 daily flights, which said the head of the Australian area of ​​the Dacia, Sergio Galo, said that as a "public body, we must contribute to a preventive campaign as it has been part of our responsibility due to The great influx of public or travelers who move to other regions and who should know the precautions. "

Prevention recommendations from HANDA

• Going to authorized camping, which has basic sanitary facilities, such as toilets and drinking water.
• Clean clean places free of brush and grassland.
• Use tent with floor, closing and no holes.
В סטאָר Store food into strong, closed containers. Do not allow pots and utensils to reach mice.
• Walk only through authorized trails. Do not go to places with abundant vegetation.
• Do not choose or consume wild fruits.
• Keep away from closed containers, and if it is necessary to bury it.
• Drink only safe water (drink, canned, boiled or disinfected).
• For 30 minutes before expiring cabins or closed room for a long time. After ailing, spray the floor and surfaces with water and chlorine. Then clean and sweep.

General background
The handavirus is an endemic zoonotic in Chile, mainly in spring-summer. It is transmitted to people of the wild Routine oligorizomic lungikaudatus (long-tailed mouse, hawthorn or other local names), mainly due to the inhalation of contaminated aerosols produced by the infections of infected prom imars.
The greatest risk is for people living in rural areas, little affected by people, as well as people who go to recreational activities. The Physical Evolution of the Disease It is fundamental to the risk of symptoms such as fever, headache and / or gastrointestinal discomfort, that risk factors such as those in transmitting routinely existed, have been done. Have a quick consultation in a health center.
The disease begins with an image similar to that of the rash, with fever, headache and meyala, sometimes accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms and progressive respiratory distress. The favorable detection and referral of hospitals, which have adequate patient management conditions, allows for a reduction in the incidence of lethality, reaching 34% in the country. During 2018, 33 hunts of handavirus were notified nationally, with 7 deaths.
Certain Food Consumption
Along with recommendations to prevent HANDAVIRUS, the activity also provides tips to prevent Fudzorne's disease as part of the Minsal's Summer Campaign.
The paintings are more frequent in the spring-summer period, as a result of the increase in temperature and relaxation of hygiene measures.
Therefore, the following recommendations are provided:
• Wash your hands well before eating, when preparing food, and still going to the bathroom.
• Do not cook mayonnaise homemade.
• Always wash fruits and vegetables
• Separate raw food from half ones.
• Use and use appropriate potable or previously boiled water.
• Always keep food frozen.
• Buy and consume food in authorized places.
• Eat well-cooked, eggs, fish and seafood.

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