Ravinet confirms that Cheyre, after the tragedy of Antuco, presented his resignation and rejected former president Lagos


Former Minister of Defense Jaime Ravinet he assured the former commander of the army and now condemned him in the Caravan of Death case, Juan Emilio Cheyre, he presented his resignation to the former president Ricardo Lagos when the tragedy of Antuco happened, and that he rejected them.

According to the former State Secretary in the Today's news, after killing 44 soldiers and Colonel in the snow chain after 18 May 2005, Cheyre approached his resignation at the Los Angeles airport to which Lagos would respond: "No, you go on, here are the responsible ones who had the direct command of this regiment". A few days after the tragedy, Cheyre said that the Antuco case was "the most painful" in his career.

After the tragedy, the then Commander of the III Division, Rodolfo González, presented his resignation to Cheyre, despite the fact that the investigation found that he was not responsible for the events. On this occasion, he said that he resigned "exclusively for ethical and professional reasons".

His resignation was inadequate for 45 relatives of the uniformed, who later labeled the Cheyre brand as "coward" in 2013 because he did not take responsibility in the case.

However, according to Ravin Cheyra, he would have presented his resignation at that time and would have been the former president of Lagos, which he did not accept.

"I was witnessing at a Los Angeles airport when Cheyre presented a resignation to President Lagos, there were three, he resigned", confirmed and assured that the former commander of the army was "very much affected".

In an interview with Radio Biao Bío, the president of the Antuco victims' relatives group, Angelika Monares, said on Monday that the sentence of three years and one day for her participation in the Caravan death "is nothing more than a greeting to the flag", and this "In the case of the tragedy, 45 other victims owe Antuco".

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