Raquel Argandando and Patricia Maldonado respond to Gneko's insult

"They never told me what this guy from Gnecco said … The actor." This Coward's coward because the time he saw to me was that he would not have much, he never told me anything ".

This is how Rakel Argandan ña respond to the words of Luis Gneko. The actor came in defense of Amparo Noguera, who was criticized by the penitent of Bienvenidos and Patricia Maldonado. "Couple of old Guinea pigs! Excerpt and unresponsive for one of the greatest actresses in Chile", Wrote the artist on his Instagram account.

In the program No Limited Radio Agriculture"Rachel did not understand what happened to the people, what happens to people with us? … Because of the restructuring of personnel to Amparo Noguera, they have not renewed their contract for 2019 after 24 years in television. Speaking about the TV crane in Bienvenues, I said "I'm going to make a parental therapy: I want to remember, when Ampararo Noguera laugh and sing so Patricia Maldonado would take you from Mucho Gusto. See? The one who came out and was laid off is you. That's why you should never miss any harm, because all these things are returned. And what is the dimension I have, nothing more. "

Meanwhile, Patricia Maldonado raised her point of view in the same radial space. "Excuse me, Leon Gieco … Leon Gieko is his name?" "For Leon, he needs a lot," answers Argandanda.

"I have to decide my ignorance, I did not know that I was one of the greatest (actresses) (…) I recognize that I am old and well … because I have enjoyed my life. Now that's the message: what about your mom? Haha that's what the job I have written that I have for another year is "Viejas Kulia", "added Maldonado.

"Hopefully one day we meet, Luis Gneko, and tell us the same thing to face. Let's see if he is a little man," explained Raquel.

"Couple of Old Women …": Luis Gnecco sweeps with Patricia Maldonado and Raquel Argandoña

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