Rapa Nui: Stevedores will not dump more containers with vehicles trying to enter the Island National


Decided to go to the Hangzhou Pico Port of Easter Island Don't download more containers with vehicles That is, trying to enter this communication.

This with the intention of seeking to keep them Explosive increase of automotive park In Rapa Nui, the fact is that the authorities and inhabitants of this place They've been dancing for years.

The figures emanated from the municipality of Isla de Pascal are more like decisions. In 2014, the automotive fleet – at least the registered one – was 1,977 vehicles. Four years later, the number reached 2,788, increasing in this period More than 140%

Vehicles, both from private use and the large number used for the rental service to tourists into the island. One way, That is the port of Hanga Pico, which is where its workers decided to simply become an active part of this phenomenon, which they simply defined as a problem, opting for Do not download more vehicles to this municipality.

It was set by Jorge Pont, in charge of the terminal's embassy and president of the Hanga Pico Indigenous Association, which brings together the delays of the territory, which tells Radio Bío Bío that they have submitted a letter to the Governor and Mayor , this one Unprecedented stability.


This increase in the number of cars is due to the sum of two factors, one of them being the tourist's orientation of the community, with the saturated business of the so-called "Rent a car" and the fact that the island – while it is An extreme zone – doesn't It has a number of barriers, So getting a car costs very little.

From the island's municipality, the man in charge of the Department of Traffic, Carlos Surrey, recognized that this is a problemI've been working for years, And that – despite that – the Chilean state He didn't worry about the problem.


He also had words for what happened to Easter Island's Mayor, Pedro Edmund's Pao, It supports this measure of pressure.


The big question is, what can happen, for example, with the unloading of containers that are not of vehicles, but of More important goods, medicines and supplies.

The communism chief met with the hangouts of Hanga Pico, managing to agree that the unloading work for unloading will only be done with vehicles.

Also, on Monday, the workers will meet with the provincial governor, Tarita Alarcon, to try to take up positions on this issue.

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