Rain from criticism to the debut of the new "Sabingo" animators


Today, a new program has begun "Sabingo" From ChileVision, where its new drivers also debuted: Millaray Viera And Van Pablo neighborhood.

The daughter of Jervasio took on the new challenge after 7 months as a panelist in the morning of Mega "Mucho Gusto", instead, was already in the house and was a driver several times in the company of Carolina Mestrow.

Let us remember that after the departure of Carolina Mestrovic from here, César Campos and Daniela Urizola were taking charge of the program.

However, the driver of "Manos El Fuego" has a sudden exit from Chileisvión, after being offered to continue in the canal but with a salary reduction, which he did not accept. On the other hand, Daniela Urrizola Keeps as a novar of the program, making mobiles in this field.

But why the executives idea would be an almost cosmetic change, affecting the program: Today, trending topical on Twitter is a key driver for its drivers. Check them below:

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