PS5 ad spend nearly tripled Xbox Series X at launch


The two-week period before the new consoles were released was the most active video game category of 2020.

During the busy holiday week that comes up, Sony and PS5, In addition to Microsoft and Xbox Series X / S, Are still out of stock everywhere because incoming stock is sold out soon after. D Competition between the two remains tight In some places, with PS5 leading the way in international and national markets, But With Nintendo Switch very stuck To them.

Spending on advertising may have made a difference, although it may not be stated exactly, because both companies have a very limited stock. Something that was complicated due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although in advertising spending, Sony takes the cake since Has spent 3 times more than Microsoft in the month leading up to launch, As PS5 Released on November 12 in 7 countries and Xbox Series X / S The 10 worldwide; Moreover, PlayStation spent about the same amount of advertising as the entire industry between October and November.

From 19 October to 15 November Sony spent 15 million Dollars in advertising and Microsoft around 5According to a new report from MediaRadar, a page that analyzed spending on print, television and digital. The report found that Sony about 7.3 million from the launch day and Microsoft about 3 million, but also Nintendo also increased ad spend from November 2 to 15 with 138% more Like the two weeks before the time.

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Thanks to the three leaders, Todd Kreiselman – CEO and founder of MediaRadar. States that the two weeks at the beginning of November are the most active in the video game category in terms of 2020 ad spend; Usually, $ 45 million are spent on advertising, an increase of 80%. The last month with a similar figure was April, with 46.2 million, followed by January with 21.4 million. The report states that the arrival of the new consoles also increased the advertising spending of video games and stores during the season.

The new installments of the saga of Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed Were released to coincide with the release of the consoles, Increasing advertising spending by 76% and stores did this by 28%. In apps, Kreiselman says the week of Nov. 9 This was the first time since April that advertising spending has increased, specifically by 23% compared to the previous year, so he believes the pandemic contributed to mobile advertising until November 9th.

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It is possible that Less time in motion and displacements Has affected advertising in mobile apps during this time“It said. However, despite the investment in advertising was through the roof, Sony and Microsoft opted for fairly similar ads.

PlayStation and Xbox Taking viewers to fantastic worlds, including outer space, in advertising that promotes their respective Console launches with PS5 and Xbox series X / S. On this one, PS5 invites you to continue to explore the unknown and on the other Xbox with “Make Your Dreams” and actor Daniel Calvia.

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But it did not stop there, because both systems were promoted by Philly Series 5: a surreal ad that parodies next-hell cheesecake cook consoles. Even PlayStation 5 Had a publicity collaboration with Rick and Morty because “they paid a lot.”

Source: Ad Age

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