Prithrian Harry's wife struck as "ruthless"


UNITED KINGDOM – The United Kingdom is considered a privilege for the royal family and empty plants attract an infinite number of candidates. It is, therefore, strange that one of the Assistants Meghan Markle At the royal wedding, I only had six months of performing an impeccable service.

The source, which was consulted on the Daily Mail website, commented: "This is a real shock. Why would I want to leave the job so prestigious so soon. "

Although the Kensington Palace spokesman refused to comment on the departure of this woman, Melissa, in an unusual act, the anonymous source of the palace had the power to "surrender", so to speak, the recognition of his work was reported by Who.

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"It's Melissa very talented person. She played a key role in the success of the royal wedding and everyone in the royal house would miss her, "was so forced. This meant that his work in the palace was excellent and that his departure could have been a result of another reason, perhaps a lack of understanding with the dukes Sussex.

Melissa, for example, had to deal with the marriage crisis before the marriage suffered by the Counts of Sussex when they learned of the rejection Thom Markle is attending they bring to the wedding and daughter before the altar a few days ago.

This information is published exactly by releasing Robert Charles Jobs's "Charles at 70" journalist, in which he believes that Kate Middleton with Meghan had friction the way the staff is handled palaces. The Army's army from Cambridge has repeatedly called the former actress to moderate his habits with staff.

But Meghan's demanding character would not be new, but from his time as an actress in the Suits series. Your ex-agent Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne described her as a determined woman for success, no matter what happened.

Gina said Meghan with her time she was merciless, with the attention she requested, and with her priorities. She was "sensitive" to everything, with clothes, with a timetable, in her relationships with her colleagues, and if the worker did not feel well enough she refused her because she did not share her vision. Meghan "continued to work."

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