Preventive prison for adults who accompany the son of Luli in Baleo


The Guarantee of Santiago depicts the preventive defense of the two men, aged 30 and 26, as perpetrators of a frustrated teenage teenage murder in Las Condes, where the Nicole Moreno model, also known, was involved. Like "luli".

At the press conference, PDI was interviewed by San Fernando, and according to the sources of the investigation, the mother and television artist was the one who helped raise the arrest following a prisoner's warrant by the Eastern Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office against the three alleged perpetrators of What happened on Thursday, January 3.

The two adults have a history and are in the suggestion of Santiago, when the prosecutor Marcelo Miranda's request was accepted.

"One would be the man who carries out the shooting (the 30-year-old), while the other would be the one who would drive the vehicle," said PDD commissioner Ricardo Castiou, who said it was established that the two adults Have a friendly relationship with the son of the First Festival Queen of Via del Mar.

F.T.M. On Sunday, his defense will be in San Fernando, and then sent to the Justice Center of Santiago for its formalization.

Prosecutor Óscar Mérida said that three people were eligible for a passport to leave their household. There, one of the three involved called the child to "leave the house and the other two shoot him repeatedly", so he remains in vital risk at the Salvator Hospital.

About this degree of participation of the minor, the commissioner reported that "according to the backgrounds of testimony, they do not represent him as the author of the shooting, however, they put him in the place and he is recognized by them".

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