Pope accepted resignation to the priests of Karabineros Exkathelan Investigated for sexual abuse


The Diocese of Talca Reported that the Pope Francis Adopted resignation to the Presbyterian priests Luis Felipe Barbarossa, Excavation of CarabinerosWho has been invested for alleged sexual abuse to a minor Committed in 1985.

EgaA decided to refuse the priesthood

In a statement, the diocese indicated that ega sent a letter to Pontiff. This would call it "the resignation of the clerical state and the dispensation of the obligations of the ministerial priesthood. On January 2, 2019, he received the Pope's acceptance, in which he welcomed his request for the good of the community. "

"Therefore, with this date, Mr. FelipeGezha is excluded from the clerical state and the obligations of the priesthood," the statement concluded.

Investigation against the Carabinieros Exapellón

Egaña was a Karabineros chaplain and served as a Pastoral Vicar of Bishop Horaceio Valenuzela, one of the defenders of Pharaoh Karadima.

Last June, Talka's diocese initiated a preliminary investigation against the Presbyterian Ivanya Barraona. The reason? Determine the likelihood of an alleged sexual abuse.

For this investigation, the Diocese appointed as instructor to the priest Jesse Locas de Lazcano, Doctor of Canon Law of the Archducese of Santiago.

On this occasion, the presidents Anga Anza Barraona was imposing precautions. Among them are removed from all its pastoral duties and responsibilities. By the facts already known in the diocese, Egaña was relegated to Hualañé in the process of reflection.

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