Pixar launches Toy Story 4 trailer and introduces a new character


Studies Pixar On Monday, they released a trailer of the fourth installment of Toy Story, which surprised loyal sage followers who will have to wait until the next summer to show adventures of restless toys on the big screen Woody.

In a video posted on Pixar social networks, it shows how they appear on the Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jesse screen and other toys that had great experience in past times.

Everyone is happy when they stick their hands and advance in front of the screen.

Suddenly, the new game was named Forky, this is a jaw with eyes that does not feel and express. This position stops Woody, which causes other toys to collapse.

"I'm not here"Real Forky.

"I'm not a toy!"He insists on the new sign and escapes.

"Hey, hey, let somebody catch you before I look," says Woody.

The trailer has been released for almost a decade after Toy Story 3, which reached a big screen in 2010.

"Woody has always been convinced about his place in the world and that it is his priority to take care of his child either of Andy or Bonnie, but when Bonnie adds a new tokyo to his room, he begins a new adventure with old and new friends to show Woody how big a world can be for a toy, "emphasizes Pixar on his YouTube channel.

The film, directed by Josh Cooley, will take care of theaters on June 21, 2019.

Production is in charge Jonas Rivera ("Inside Out", "Up") and Mark Nielsen ("Inside Out").

"Toy Story" managed to steal the hearts of children and their parents from the first edition in 1995, while the second part came to theaters in 1999.

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