Pinilla and Lost Process: "It was surprising and suspicious"


The striker calls attention to how this case has been solved and confirmed that he will appeal to the Supreme Court.

Last Wednesday, the Rule of Appeal Court ruled that the Mauritius pinilla demanded a blue-and-white bill.

It was set to leave the payment of 460 million pesos which required the new ahead of Kovimbo Unido for unjustified dismissal.

Pinilla spoke of the view: "It was surprising and suspicious that in four days the composition of a trial that we analyzed for eight hours, with testimony, where we are with Judge Alando Castro, but this is how things are handled in Chile". He tells the fox sports.

"It was handy, even justice, we need the Supreme Court to take the judgment, if I have to sacrifice for my colleagues to stay in the limbo, to go through such a situation, I'll do it. He said.

In addition, "Pinigol" responded to Colonel José Vignatti, who argued that the Argentine club was the owner of federal rights.

"If Mr. Vignatti says I belong to Columbus is wrong, my federation is right in Chile"He explains.

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