Pilot surprised because "Chile is not so poor" apologized for his comments said WRC


The World Rally Championship (WRC) Finnish driver, Esapekka Lapi, He referred to his comment on our country and what caused more than some doubt in the fans of motor sports in our country.

The competitor, it should be mentioned, mentions BioBioChile What "I expected to be like Mexico or Argentina, but Chile is much better. It doesn't look so poor, People have new generation cars, a healthier country. In general, it looks much better. "

The statement did not please the followers who came to see whether the commentary was complete or not for our country.

To clarify the doubt, Lappi himself referred to his statements and apologized in case of some fanatical, Chilean, Mexican or Argentine, felt hurt by his words.

"I'm sorry for the misunderstanding around those things I said. He didn't show any harm to anyone, not Chileans, Argentines or Mexicans ", Published Lappi through his fan page on Facebook.

"I am grateful for the warm welcome I received in Latin America. We are proud to be here and share our passion for the rally, "added Finn.

Patch, it should be noted, March tenth in the general place, a minute and 40 seconds of the current leader, Estonian ott tenak.

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