Pikachu is real! They find yellow opossum that they claim is directly related to the famous pokamine

For all who have wondered what the famous pokévin would look like, PikachuIn real life, you can get out of doubt.

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Near the city of Melbourne (Australia) found a yellow opossum, Which was nicknamed Pikachu for his excellent sky to the animated character.

This strange and striking color is due to a genetic mutation, because the animal's animal is usually distinguished between red and dark gray tones.

The small animal is under the care of experts in the veterinary clinic Boronia Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital Who explained by their Facebook account that Pikachu has Five months of life And the most likely is that he fell from the back of his mother.

"We recently have a special atossum brought to the clinic, which is a rare gold variety of ordinary opossum.The golden color occurs because of a low level of pigment melanin that gives them a very normal color. In nature as their bright color makes them look great to us, "they said.

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The animal is found alone and in a state of Malnutrition Very advanced, so It will be in the hands of caregivers until it recovers.

Once stabilized, Pikachu will be transferred to a wildlife sanctuary so he can live a long and happy life, because, in case of returning it to its natural habitat, the probe would be a Easy prey for predators Because of the striking coloration of his coat.

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