Peru surprised Uruguay in the South American and won with an emergency manner


Without shining and with a Debatable, almost nonexistent, criminal, Peru debuted in Group B of the South American sub 20 win by 1-0 to Uruguay, duel disputed At the Hot Tax Stadium of Talca.

The First time at the meeting on Talquino floor did not have great emotions and strong staff abounded, Being more fought as well played. Is that the Peruvian box was lost to the current South American champion and could not be a good game, not like a karaoke box that started well and was faded with time to defeat the long ball without destination. So things, No one was surprised that the first 45 minutes ended up equalizing without goals.

However, the history of the add-on, When Marcos Lopez, the best of Peru, faced full speed and fell to the mark of Maximiliano Aravudo. There, the referee ordered a criminal, but he did Charras claimed that the action was out of the area and that the Inca player had stumbled alone, properly. The judge did not hear the allegations Forward Pachecko got in front of the ball to open the account For those led by Daniel Ahmed, when the clock is marked 52 minutes

Chopped by the nonexistent punishment, the Celeste advanced lines to search the alliance. With this Bold quality of their players, managed to tilt the site and generated some chances that could not be specified. In the end, the contest took a controversial victory, which put them in the equatorial squad, which won 3-0 in Paraguay in the same day.

Those next to Daniel Ahmed will be free the next day and return to the field on Tuesday to face Paraguay., while Uruants will seek to remove the bitter taste of mouth in front of Ecuador, next Sunday in Kurik oh.

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