Participant unleashed Lauth in "pasapalabra" after an unusual response


In the Thursday of the broadcast "Pasapalabra" It was a funny moment, in which the participant Mario Cuche He launched an unusual response that unleashed the audience's laughter and who was recording.

It all started when in the game "The track" The driver Julian Elfenbein He said: "She got a curse".

The track was very confusing, so the participants decided to respond at random in case, by luck, they hit the character in question. That is how Mario Cuche said: "I'll say it just in case … Lucia Hiriart."

The answer made the guest one of the guests, who never imagined the phrase. If even his rival, Macarena, does not stand laughing.

The fact did not go unnoticed among social network users who dedicated articles and memories about it.

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