Participant of 'Pasapalabra' Accused of his elimination: CHW reprehens the guilty one TV and shows


The night of this Wednesday one of the most popular participants of Pasapalabra Was eliminated in a fight? Rosco & # 39;.

It's about Alan González, The young native of Talkahuano who remained some undifferentiated chapters until he faced Claudia Contreras, Losing just for one answer. He got 20 and she got 21.

However, this situation would not have been so, since today, Gounalze used his social networks to blame an error in a game by his opponent and that apparently was unnoticed by the production of the Chilean Security Program.

"People from Pasapalabra, I never thought of specific aspects of the program, but in the past it was well to explain it"Said in his message that in a matter of minutes, some reactions came.

"Yes, the word 'Federacióniso' From Claudia, in this chapter of yesterday, is a mistake, and the score should be tied to 20 hits and 3 errors for both"He said.

It should be noted that once Claudia had her answer to the program, Julian Ellenbein reviewed the concepts and when she reached the F & # 39; She read: ": "The theory or political current that defines the principles of the federation … federalism"

Clearly, the controversy has caused controversy over Twitter and within hours of tweeting again to ensure that the production of this site was alerted and amended.

"Speaking with production, we agree that each missed the error and it will be amended. Of course, we stop discriminating, and we'll tell you when the time comes"He said.

Also, in another two added:For the rest, I value the professionalism and transparency of the team a lot, and their willingness to recognize errors that are obviously involuntary. I appreciate and value it"

So there is no doubt, according to the queue, the dictionary that the game is based on, the phrase "Federacionism" does not exist and the correct concept is "federalism".

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