Pancho Saavedra was outraged by Raquel Argandoña after she claimed that she had signed Auk

Pancho Saavedra criticized in harsh terms to Raquel Argandannya after she confirmed in a radio program that the anomator signed the Civil Union agreement.

According to the Panelist of Bienvenvidos, the driver of "Lugares que Hublar" would formalize his link on November 25, at a vineyard in Kurikó. Argandon ña even gave details and said it was a small ceremony with little presence of people from the show business, according to the slogan Radio Bío Bío.

After that, a Twitter user criticized the speech of the cheerleader and noted that "If this is the case then it is Pancho Saavedra who is responsible for telling it, not another person. That's the topic and I do not think it was with good intentions or. "

This article was answered by Saavedra himself, who said he had news for his work and not for his private life.

"You are calm that there is a God watching, There is also Karma and when someone throws someone through your mouth, life is responsible for giving it where it hurts most "Wrote the animator.

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