Pancho Saavedra makes a Maya Kulpa about his round with Cast: "I think it's not the way"


2018 was the year of Pancho Saawedra. Participating and recognized several times, the phase of Channel 13 recognized its popularity and won the Chilean chairs for its proximity to an ever-expanding public.

However, this did not stop him from getting involved in one or the other controversy.

Perhaps the joy, and also the most recent, was a solid round with former presidential candidate Jose Antonio Cast, who, without much ado, tried to be "imbilsile".

Everything was in the context of criticizing the Deputy Emilia Nuovo during a congressional session at the Congress of the Republican Action, where she spoke a few words to Andrey's Minister of Education, Madradungun.

And is that more like a round is a single "punch" that sparked a pitched battle in social networks.

But now the animator does a Mea Kulpa. During an interview with La Terra De Kuban, she said: "I think I have fallen into the same game by responding violently."

However, he is also assured that "I do not regret it, but I do not think so. I am not going to erase what I wrote on Twitter, because I do not regret it, it is a very reaction of mine. "What I don't have a good time. One is anxious, because Twitter is very violent. Suddenly reading some things, some insults and some awful things, don't believe it."

Saavedra also said that at the same moment he knew that his impulse reaction was going to generate reactions: "I remember when I published my reaction, I said to the shot & # 39; I screwed up & # 39; but I also said & # 39; this is done & mdash; filo, i'm a driver who has an opinion, it couldn't have been the way and that the word did hit some because they think i should say but with respect It's when I understand that they are right, and that I must respect my views. "


In the interview Saavedra also took the opportunity to capture the vision he had about the work of television faces. "An animator had to have convictions, he had to have fights. It can't be the point for you. You have to use the Rostrom as an animator in a good way, not as a simple artist, because when you are a Simple artist, you pass without pain or glory ".

In this sense, Saavedra recognizes that there is a kind of sacrifice that should be made in the same convictions: "One needs to sleep with clear conscience because I know that suddenly I get off hours of my sleep or my family's tranquility for fighting for Reasons I made in the March for the Rock Law (…) you can not just critically rest in the state, you have to do something, "he said.

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