Pablo Vargas Recalled The Last Lost With Radrido Diaz In "Rojo": "There was an Anxiety With Himself" | TV and show

The dancer and businessman Pablo Vargas Repaired in Red After several years away from the TV. On the occasion, apart from performance on stage, he remembers his time at the first time of the talent space.

In that last, when he faced Rodrigo Díaz, That finally won the place, it was notoriously the anger of Wargas, who had hugged his partner and then retired from the TV set.

"I was convinced that I could win, but for my part, I think it was a personal disappointment, but it's always good to talk with my colleagues. The anger was personal, it was not with anyone in particular, " He noted.

Catch | TVN
Catch | TVN

At the same time, the artist pointed out that the presentation he made on this occasion, in which he was accompanied by a college of Chilean folkloric ballet, is not the most appropriate for the example.

"For my taste, after years I found that editing is not for a last, perhaps, he came with very good jobs that week and Maybe I chose the last musical badly and that played against me " He commented.

It should be noted that the current time of Red It is defining what will be the finality, in a process that is not foreign to the controversies, since the entry of participants from the previous cycle was allowed.

At the moment it is not clear what will be the dates in which the finals of singers and dancers will be held.

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