Open University of Recoleta would have Ajojan Gullier as part of its lecturers – professors


The Senator for Antofagasta, the journalist of Alejandro Guillier, was confirmed by his twitter account that he applied to be part of the Faculty of the Recoleta University at the Faculty of Law, a Lecturer, Initiative of the Justice of the Jurisdiction Daniel Judge (PC ).

"I used to be a teacher at the University of Recoleta, and I hope your Superior Council will accept my presentation of the March on decentralization and participatory democracies, and I invite you to sign up for the major project of the mayor. @danieljadue. We can all contribute! "Guillier informed.

As the senator and former presidential candidate of the former Nueva Majuro, there are nearly 4,000 professionals and academics participating in the previous registration process to be part of the new educational model that seeks to demonize knowledge and knowledge of Universal Road ", confirmed the gateway to the Municipality of Recoleta.

Clarify from the local entity, "Although the University of Recoleta (UAR) does not provide professional titles, students can learn from all ages: youth, adults, and seniors have free and universal access to knowledge, on the basis of a popular , Open and plural educational model that will meet the service of the community. "

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