Oops, Higgins is a key column of the Kkquimino ascent


After his participation in the return of Kovimbo Unido to Primera, Diego Gomes will be joining Rankagua next week.

Higgins Added to the third reinforcement for the 2019 season. The Games of Maternity Vera and Alejandro Márquez Abroad, added to the participation of Tomás Alarcón Next to The red In this South American Sub 20Hurt the efforts of Rancaguinos to add another central steering wheel.

And the chosen one was Diego's thaw on Lez, the midfielder of 20 years and one of the pillars at the last rise of the cowboys Unido a Primera. The young man will be joining the work headed by Marco Antonio Fifueroa during the next week.

The Celestial Company acquired 75% of the "Bear" pass during an operation close to 120,000 dollars.

Diego thaws at LEZ Played 26 games at the last Lotus Championship First B And that led to the return of "pirates" to the highest category of Chilean football.

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