One injured pages confrontation for non-payment of salaries after closing El Toqui mine in Coyhaique | National


At least one person was injured, yet Mining workers will confront Gope personnel of Carabiners, In protest of these Not paying their salaries After the closure of the El Tiwi zinc mine at the site.

In addition, the president of the association, José Luis Castilla, He was arrested While talking to Radio Bío Bío.

Although it would have reported eventual solution On the Friday of the Laguna Gold label, the demonstrators took the Urethua Bridge, located on the Route 7, in the town of Mañhuales, in Cuihaique.

This agreement was signed this morning by the Mining Ceremony of the Yisheng region, Julio Zunja, together with the union leaders.

"There is no incentive"

Interview with the program It could be worse, By Radio Bío Bío, Deputy Miguel Calisto (DC) referred to the situation that affects the region and, in general, to the extreme zones of the country, respecting centralism.

So the deputy said that this morning the roads of Mañalue and the road connecting Cuihaique with Balmasseda Airport were cut off. "We are on alert," he said.

He also pointed out that they had requested an office of Interior Minister Andrew Chadwick and President Savastnian Pira.

The closing of El Toqui, which Affects about 600 familiesAdded to the closure of the Minerals Serro Bayo, moved about a year ago, as stated by the Yemeni Parliamentarian.

He argued that The regional government was "extremely remote". "The state is responsible for the workers, above all because they owe it to salaries" in an area where it would not be much strenuous.

"We don't have companies, more industries … There are no departmental policies to increase the economy … no incentive," said Calisto.

"We'll fight to the end"

Parallel to this, Yuku's workers from the Kovs planted yesterday to secure the company's assets, since they were formed yesterday. Mining equipment removable Of high price, the newspaper says icing.

Kazan said: "For their states, they are working, and when we ask for practical condensation, the main equipment is vital for our purpose (…). We do not want the company to disappear Or that is closed, regardless of what you charge ".

"We have information about who is behind this action or are responsible. What we know is that they can act in the way they pay off in a certain way," the leader explains.

"They have caused us to make enemies among themselves. What we have clear is that we will fight to the end to continue working, "the coach found in the middle of Aisen.

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