On World AIDS Day, Tiger offers the rapid HIV test at the train station



Date: 05/12/2018 08:23

City staff led free and voluntary choppies to more than 160 people, to detect the human immune deficiency virus || The mayor Julio Zamora participated in the activity and explained that the neighbors can be tested in any of the 22 health centers of the district, 365 days of the year

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Rapid HIV test at the Tiger Station

As part of the World AIDS Day, the municipality of Tigre has passed a new day of voluntary, free and confidential checks for more than 160 people at the train station. The mayor, Julio Zamora, and his wife, Counselor Gisela Zamora, accompanied the activity and stressed the importance of being able to perform the checks in all local health centers, 365 days a year.

A few years ago, I came with the rapid test initiative with results in just 20 minutes. Many of our people live with HIV and do not know they have it; This is why the work of providing information and sensitization to the population is very important. We invest all the neighbors to check in any of the 22 health centers of Tiger, "said Zamora.

At the same time, the Commonwealth, under the auspices of the United Nations Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS (Yunaid), who accompanies the initiative of the municipality, reaches 90% of people with learning about the disease, another 90% A final 90% of his viral mass has decreased.

During this day, samples taken from residents of Tiger, San Fernando, Merlo, San Isidro, San Miguel, the City of Buenos Aires, Vicente Lopez, Lomas de Zamora and Chile and Venezuela. Recent results have shown that two people have tested positive for HIV. The activity is supported by students from the School of University Nurses of the Municipality, which made the counselors and punctuaries to determine the result of the tests.

The Secretary of Health Policy and Human Development Abramon noted: The prevention policy is an important task we've done so that neighbors and visitors can get rid of the virus and have access to basic information.

About 110,000 people live with HIV in the country and 40 million in the world. People living with the virus in Argentina have suffered some episod of discrimination for this reason and found them with greater difficulties when it comes to getting a job. The use of condoms is the only way to prevent their transmission.

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) can not present symptoms for a long time, but in the long term weakens the defenses and is a consequence of the appearance of other diseases. In the delayed results, the treatment is more complicated. People who are diagnosed early, in addition to access controls and treatments for free, can instead treat a chronic infection and lead a healthy life.

The meeting of seventy-seven staffs, Gisela Zamora, puts the task of the municipal staff, who works to provide information to the community and adds: It is essential that the testing be done because of the way they care for their loved ones. The procedure is very fast, free and simply to lose a few minutes of your time, you can know if they live with HIV or not.

The person in charge of the HIV, Hepatitis and Viral Hepatitis Program from the Tiger, Sebastien Vzquez Montoto, said: The rapid test allows us to have a regular diagnosis to know if the person should begin with any treatment. In addition, Norma Leiva, director of the Nouvelle Maria Remedios Del Valle, said: It is great that the tigers carry out the policies that accompany the inhabitants.

Those interested in getting more information can be donated by Free 0800-122-Tiger (84473) or 5282.7555 [email protected]

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