Nintendo will receive $ 12 million for unauthorized distribution of ROMs


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It all started with the lawsuit, Nintendo He was aggressive with the situation against both sides. However, the time passed and reached an agreement that was for the number $ 12,230,000 as compensation.

While the owners of both domains were blamed for the fair and indirect infringement of copyright and trademarks in favor of Nintendo, the agreement was unclear. In addition to being the best option for both parties.

But this is not just a monetary compensation, along with the above is added the delivery of all ROMs and emulators distributed by pages in Furthermore, there is even a court order that will permanently prevent the possible infringement of copyright.

The main purpose of Nintendo, who complains about such a high sum of money, must do so directly by sending "message"To other sites that implement this practice. We'll see if this meets the purpose.


Editorial: Games / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage

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