Nintendo join the 21st century and publish guides to monetize YouTube videos


Finally, get the bunhammer.

For years Nintendo was Persecuted and criticized Through the community of creators in Youtube. The reason was simple and convincing: The company indiscriminately blocked almost any content that contains images of its characters. Even if there was a review.

During this time, the company was asked to adopt its restriction policies; And finally, he listened to us. Nintendo has just appeared on his official website A simple content guide.

There are the creators of videos, particularly YouTube, will be able to consult the parameters so they can publish their contents Without running the risk of losing your monetization. Or at least that's what Nintendo says:

Nintendo join the 21st century and publish guides to monetize YouTube videos

As long as you follow some basic rules, we will not observe the use of game sequences and / or screenshots of these games; From which Nintendo owners copies the content you create, for the appropriate sites to share videos and images.

Previously, Nintendo was not required to block the creators A parallel registration platform. Where the company has absolute control over who can monitor their videos.

Now the company will be integrated Youtube Partner Program Manager. Which in theory would add an end to the arbitrary blocks.

Yes, the condition is that each video or output integrates "Creative Input". Be there comments, additional animations or sequences to enrich the video and make it your own.

In other words, if users only replicate the sequences of Nintendo games you can block them. As in the good old days.

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