Nico Gutierez appeared at the Pasapalabra musical track

The journalist CHV morning, He came to the program for the first time Of games, in the new night where they are competing for a donut 38 million pesos.

It's time to play The musical track, Where Gutierze faced Francisca Merino and competed to meet the name of the song. At the moment of lunching the first track by the driver Julian ivory, The journalist squeezed the horn and He began to sing Daddy Yankee famous "Gasolina" Regegeton

In this way, Nico Gutierez He was able to give the maximum of seconds that the game was offered and to the rhythm of Rigaeton, he showed off in front of the audience and his whole team.

If you missed the moment, return it here #PasapalabraCHV .-

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