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Netflix reveals first trailer

The animation follows the modern adventures of young warriors. Tvn


During the day at the Comic Con Experience (CCXP) of Brazil, Netflix Displayed the first pictures of his version of the anime "Saint Seiya: The Knights of the Zodiac".

The animation follows the modern adventures of the young warriors known as "Knights", which are protected under the reincarnated Greek goddess Athena.

Each knight uses a powerful armor based on its particular zodiac constellation, and is called the Knights of the Zodiac. They help Athena in her battle against the powerful Gods of Olympus who are determined to destroy humanity.

Netflix also announced the following cast that would give life to the voices of the characters: Dario Bernal Seiya, Ricardo Mendoza as Shiryu, Alfonso Herrera as Hyoga, Marcos Patiño like IKEY, Maria Fernanda Morales Like Saori, Maru wars like Marina And Isabel Martyone Like Shun

The project is directed by Yoshiharu Ashino, written by Eugene Sun (Avengers: Secret Wars) And designed by Terumi Ishii.

The series will be launched globally in 2019.

Check out the trailer below:

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