Mysterious swastikas are appearing on google maps, but what?

Internet users are reporting that "mysterious" swastikas appear on Google Maps. This is the reason.

In Google Maps, the picture that features the hotels on the map is a small bed. We already know that. However, a recent change was baffled people … and it happened in the world, on all continents. Now instead of a small bed, the hotels are marked with a Svastica? The scandal did not wait.

This is what Google has said about SWASTICAS in maps

Google has become Nazi and will end all of us? No. The answer is much simpler. In fact, what is seen in some hotels in the world is thanks to a bug, yes, but it does not have Nothing to do with Hitler. It was a Buddhist symbol and was used in the app for some time, so it was used to mark the Buddhist temples on the map.

Of course, it should not be shown in hotels or other places that are not Buddhism, and the Mountain View company is already working on this little mistake. For this moment, There is no reason to panic If you happen to attack this mess in your application. All you have to do is close it and recognize it so everything goes back to normal.

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