Moon of Blood, Superlune and Full Eclipse: Details of the Space Show on Sunday, January 21


Next Monday 21 May we be witnesses to one of the greatest natural events in the world.

The Moon, Earth and Sun will be appropriate, as will be the only eclipse this year and next. Too, The moon will be closer to Earth and look brighter than usual: a super-moon. And added to the above, The natural satellite of this planet will be dyed reddish Product of the eclipse.

If the heavens are clear, The phenomenon will be seen in North America, South America, Iceland, Ireland, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal and the coast of France and Spain. In the rest of Europe, as well as in Africa, it will be possible to see part of the moon.

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The event will begin with the partial phase at 12:34 next Monday, 21 in Chile. At that time, the Earth's shade will slowly begin to cover the moon, Until the entire eclipse reaches at 1:41, Chilean will last about 62 minutes.

It is in the eclipse that the moon will speak red, due to sunlight reflected in the earth's atmosphere.

"To make it more visible, It is advisable to go to a remote location, ideally in a rural environment, without light pollution "Astronomy Nucleus Nucleus researcher Diego Portales University, Manuel Aravinoa, told Ahora Notices.

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