Miami's third highest risk of suffering an outbreak of maze


In April, the US. There. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. UU They announced that this year, more than 700 people are infected with the virus, The largest number of cases in 25 years.

By Miami Daily Newspaper

A new study published yesterday by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Texas warned that Miami-Dade County is a high risk of outbreak. Analysts ranked each county in the US because of its relative risk of Mizels outbreak and, according to data, Dade has the third highest risk in the country. Only Cook County, Illinois (Chicago) and Los Angeles County, California, have more warning signs. Queens County, New York, and King County, Washington, completed the first five.

According to the Miami News Time release, the results were published in the journal yesterday Lancitic Infectious Diseases. The study also included an interactive map, which guarantees the seventh highest risk of maze in the country. The counties of Orange and the hillsides of Florida also reached the top 20.

The researchers say that the latest increase in Mizels cases is due to two problems. Travelers come to the United States Of countries affected by maze. And, though that never used to be a big problem, United States anti-vaccine misinformed They have created environments where the maze can spread again.

Miami Has Nazi's Third-Highest Risk for a Measuring Outbreak in 2019, Study Warns

To collect the map, analysts counted the non-medical immunization exemption rates by county and compared them with the travel rate, population size and proximity to other global outbreaks in each county. The authors of this study pointed out that outbreaks have already occurred in the State of Washington and New York City. They added that viruses only needed a small group of self-contained people to thrive.

In addition to the quality of the effect, Mizels too Cause high fever and can cause pneumonia. It is mainly Dangerous for babies and small children. The best defense? Vaccinate your children.

"Analysts are denying the best and most successful medical science we have, and, instead, choose to rely on fraudulent claims, as allegedly left to autism, which is consistently denied by the evidence and analysis of the last two decades," wrote Co-author. Sarar Sarkar, Professor of Philosophy and Integrative Biology at the University of Texas in Austin.

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