Metro 3 line metro solutions: Solution would take between 6 and 10 months


The Metro from Santiago reports to neighbors affected by noise and vibrations that were observed in their homes in the tests of Line 3, which opens on Tuesday, January 22, which The solution could take a week of 6-10 months.

The claims motivated a meeting between neighbors, parliamentarians and company representatives, after which the Metro chairman Louis de Grange, Acknowledged that "These processes are not fast"

"Our previous experience indicates that between six and 10 months we could have a concrete response to implement, But the important thing is to move forward together, "he said.

While Gabriela Pantoja"Representative of the affected neighbors between the station Fernando Castillo Velasco and Plaza Egaña, and that integrates the table of conversations with the metro," he said. It will be measured in the homes where we switch and, secondly, we will be carrying out a stop in February with proposed solutions in March."

Legal actions are taught

For his part, the deputy of the Humanist Party, Thomas Hirsch said he was studying legal actions that could lead to a delay in line inductance 3.

"The important thing, priority here is that neighbors can maintain their quality of life and, in this sense, we want to study with them legal actions that can be undertaken, we have shown them to Metro's president. Transparency in terms We are going to learn a possible protection device and an eventual order not too innovative"He warned.

For their part, counselors from La Reina and ñ uña have submitted a letter to the Ministry of Transportation to request an audience with the wallet owner, Gloria Hutt.

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