Meghan Markle takes control of her husband's life and forbid you from certain habits


Megan Markle"The Duchess of Sussex has faced some changes during pregnancy, and one of them seems to be the hardness of her character, according to some of the London media's premier star Forverters, the prince. Harry Take tea and coffee. An employee of the Royal House reported that the future father also stopped alcohol and caffeine in solidarity with his pregnant wife.

For its part, the newspaper's Express details also suggested that Duchess Harry Practice some yoga and have other healthier habits that he has taken with pleasure. He showed that he was a fairly brutal drink as a young teenager, a complete achievement, says a source close to the royal couple, declaring the publication.

Also, according to the Dukes & # 39; environment, the prince is calm and relaxed as he is close Megan. All he had to show him was another way of life and he became a big fan. Eat well, do not pour your body, exercise, do a bit of yoga and be much happier, said a source close to the express.

In the past, Harry was known for living the life of the coveted guy, driving under the influence of alcohol and having a beautiful crazy style and far away from the crown. However, those days are left behind and today he is a married man and is waiting for his first baby the picture is very different. The Daily Mail, for example, said during an important cocktail he just took water.

Last October, the Kensington Palace announced to the world the news of the Duchess of Sussex's pregnancy, Megan Markle And since then everything has revolved around the birth of the British british future. Recently, the first actress seems to have a clue when her first child is born and the fans are crazy about it.

The Yiddish-joined Kate Middleton and Prince William and other members of the Royal Household for the traditional mass of Sandriching, Christmas, attended by several admirers, asking them to ask about their pregnancy and finding an unexpected response to that part of the story. Future mother.

Karen Envil, a follower of the Dukes reveals E! News the response I received from the Duchess: Megan MarkleHe said they were very excited about the baby's birth. I said enjoy every moment. Being a mother is something wonderful. According to the fan, face and attitude statements Megan They changed when I asked about their baby.

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