Mayor of La Florida pay ADO to ex-conicryts of & nbsp; 78 and Awards them in review – National


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Rodolfo Carter highlighted the importance of this milestone in the eyes of the public. Tvn


"The people who forget their story are condemned to repeat it, and Chile is much more than a flag, the real protagonists are the anonymous characters, the truly brave man is the one who is frightened, stands up and goes forward, Our heroes. "

With the words, the mayor of La Florida, Rodolfo Carter, Compliant during the afternoon of the sun More than a thousand excerpts from the 1978 troubles Which has Chile and Argentina on the edge of a war for the picton, Lennox and Nueva Islands, in the extreme south. Thus, the former soldiers came to the communism to be part of a recognition and decoration of the Jewish community, which, before the public opinion, highlighted the importance of the historic Milestone, which, if not mediated by the intervention of Pope John Pablo II, would have a strong impact on Chile.

"Chile is a big family, you can not make the mistake of ignoring our heroes," said the mayor when asked about the municipal deployment and because no politician did not pay to decorate the ex-soldiers in the way.

The event is counted with the three branches of the Armed Forces, in addition to carabiners and fires.


"The idea is that the forgotten heroes, remain in the retina of public opinion for their courage and courage and, at the same time, remember forever by the more than 17 million Chileans," added Carter.

"I have very difficult moments, one moved and flooded, saying that my caretaker had been given such an opportunity in 1978. We have ordered the doors and no one has been appointed to recognize us," said Arthur Barra, a native of Talcahuano, Which, in 18, the marine corps in the extreme south of the country.

The first and only parade in honor of the veterans of 78, is framed in the celebration of the 119th Anniversary of the Community of Florida, a milestone that the municipality wanted to commemorate in great emotional parade through a Tour led by the protagonists of 1978. The journey began in the frescoes of the Emblematic Paradero 14 of La Florida and extended through the streets and iconic avenues of the district.


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