"Machetes": Munoz refused Pianera's violent rhetoric against immigration


The president of the PPD Heraldo Muñoz Criticized the statement by President Sebastian Piñera who celebrated the approval of the Migration Law in the Chamber of Deputies, referring to "Close the doors of machetes" to those who "cause damage" to the country.

The former Foreign Minister asked the president's violent rhetoric and that, with his speeches, he crimes immigration.

"President will shut the door & # 39; hopefully with machetes to those who come to inflict damage" from where (arises) this discursive violence? & # 39;, The PPD leader raised in his Twitter account.

"We support orderly, regulated and secure migration, but the president crimes migration That by 2018, productivity improved by 1.3 percent after a long stagnation, "Monza said.

During a journey by Arica and Antofagasta, the President thanked the approval of these regulations for explaining that his philosophy of migration was "to open doors to those who come to our country to comply with our laws, to integrate In our company, to work honestly, but close to our doors, and hopefully with a cake, those who come to hurt us, those who spend crime.

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