Luis Gneko approved with Raquel Argandoña and Patricia Maldonado: he called them to his radio program | TV and show


There are some "rounds" between the actor Luis Gnco And the minds of the leader Raquel Argandana and Patricia Maldonado. In the final fight, the actor was treated with rudeness by the two women who have a radio agriculture program.

However, this time Gneko chose to be more conciliatory with the communicators and called them to his radio location. Offer them an apology for their last talk.

"I promised to call them publicly, because we are all public persons. What I wrote there was a mistake to put it so, I want to apologize publicly because I think it's not standing " Has the actor on occasion.

Because of this, he added: "It was a mistake from the beginning to the end that there was a free comment because it would not be appropriate to offend her for thinking or anyone. I ran my hand, I have an effect and it was dirty there was no place. "

Agriculture Radio
Agriculture Radio

Given this, the face of the morning Much delicious He pointed out that Luis Gneko "had the right to be heard by both", so he left the topic sanctioned and accepted the apology.

For his part, it was argued that the artist left her a few days ago with a phone, at the moment he accepted his excuse.

Gneko explained the dialogue, saying that his words were "offensive" to the two women, that it was not right to deliver them just because they thought otherwise.

It should be noted that the actor's insults caused Rachel's son, Nano Calderón, I went to his house to face him face to face.

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