Lucia Hiriart de Pinochet lost status of "illustrious daughter" of the decision by the City Council

The City Council of Conchal, by UNUnion's decision, to release the expropriated Decree N 350, from September 1, 1983, which declared "an empty daughter" from the Commune to Lucia Hiriart, at the time of the first lady of the Republic .

The management to revoke the recognition to Hiriart was impelled by the chairman of the Communist Party Hassid Arkos, which was satisfied by the stability of the Collegiate Body of the Municipality in this case.

"The initiative, which comes from the community, especially to a neighbor, has a quick response from the board." The situation was revealed because, as I showed in my voice, the condition of an illustrious son or daughter must fall on Those who faithfully represent the values ​​of our community, "said the mayor.

It should be remembered that the title of "an empty daughter," which was given to Lucia Hiriart, was due to her work as president of Semama Chile and at the same time celebrating the 10 years

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