Los Renegados receives La Armería Negra, the first of the premium launches of the Annual Pass

The second stage of Destiny 2 expands with the first of the three announced premium releases: The Black Armory Is now available to all those who bet on the Annual Renegade Pass, and that implies the arrival of new Toys With which to distribute justice for the solar system.

The Black Armory It offers a new series of adventures centered on four lost fugues that we will have to retrieve and reactivate the good of the galaxy … and to update our arsenal. But this is just the beginning: From December 7, a new encroachment will start to get more honor and booty.

In fact, Bungie knows that there is no better claim for the Guardians than a handful of deadly weapons, so he has prepared a trailer, which will be the protagonists of the rewards that await us at the end of each feat.

The idea behind the annual pass is simple: fill the players with activities every week. Some of them are temporary, such as the seasonal events of the Aurora and the Scarlet Days (which coincide with Christmas and Valentine) and others, such as the The Black Armory, They will remain actively permanently.

And to make things easy for you, here is the official calendar of the Fraga Season.


And then why? Bungee considering two more seasons, which will begin in March and June, alternating updates and free activities and premium launches included in the annual pass.

In fact, and as you can see below, some of the activities will be available to players from Destiny 2 And that have not made the leap to The Faces.


Bungie and Activision continue to demonstrate that they have left to expand the destiny 2 endgame and have fans scouring the galaxy for weapons, adventures and new levels of light. But of course, The weapons are not going to be forged alone.

The annual pass of Destiny 2 Is valued at 34.99 euros and it is necessary to have earlier the game, expands I and II and expansion The Faces.

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