Life is more like a cat: the story behind the man who died nine times Society


Nine times, nine times a 29-year-old man died. Something that at first glance one might think is a fiction story, is completely real and happened to Jamie Pule, who suffers from a complex illness.

Jamie suffers from Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Which is a disease that accounts for the heart to grow more than normal, which are serious heart problems. With whom he had to fight for almost 30 years, since his life, he had to live with the uncertainty that at any moment he could suffer another heart attack.

According to the British Daily Mail, the man suffered his first heart attack when he was 20 years old. On this occasion, 40 minutes later, when he turned away, he stayed in a coma for a week, and, after growing up, they explained everything that had happened.

The second time it happened in the house of his cousin. Then being in london, He suffered four attacks in less than three weeks, And so on until you reach the ninth. In all the results are the same, after a few minutes' dead, again reacted.

Because of the unpredictable heart attack, Jamie today has an electronic device called an ICD within his body that can automatically restart his heart when it stops. Of course, this is not the only care he has, because he should not do any kind of physical exercises, to avoid attacks.

About the disease, Edgardo Sepulveda, cardiac surgeon in Las Candes Clinic, explains that "It occurs between 20 and 40 years, but in case it is a history of the disease in the family, it is possible to detect it in time and treat it, avoiding complications."

On the other hand, powder has the English means that due to his "deaths," he was able to see himself out of his body, even as he saw the next tango: "The advice I would give someone after my experience is, definitely, just enjoying the little things in life, not taking them for granted and appreciating the moments", Locked the young man who, for now, if he goes the appropriate treatments, no more complications, or what is at least what he expects.

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