Learn how to use the new Instagram feature

Instagram It has become one of the most popular social networks and continues to add new features that make it increasingly attractive. This time, he launched New feature called "best friends", Which wants to Share articles only with the people you select.

In this way, The "stories" can only be viewed by users who are added to a private list, Which can be edited by the owner of the account without any of his contacts if it is added or removed, since Does not issue notifications.

How to activate this new function "best friends"?

To activate this new tool you musts go to your profile in the application and press the icon of three horizontal lines located in the upper right corner of the screen. There, the option of "Best friends", Which will show you suggestions of contacts You can add to your VIP list.

Bonus: If you are curious and want to know if you are part of a list, You can just find out if you see it A green circle around the profile picture of one of your contacts. That symbols indicate that this story is unique to you and the group of "best friends" of the user in question.

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