Leader and New Defeat of Antofagasta: "I Never Lived This"


The experienced game regretted the new defeat and hopes that soon they can reverse the situation. On the next date, the "Pumas" will face the leader, Catholic University.

Antofagasta Sports Lost again in the National Tournament. The "Pumas" fell from home against Huatshipato and have accumulated six more in the last seven games.

One who spoke at El Calvo y Bascuñán was Gonzalo Fierro "The situation we are experiencing is quite sad, we have some flaws and the moment is not good at all, we offer apologies to the people."

"In the week we have good work, but when we enter the field we are not given, it is sad, we have to work, I never lived this," said the experienced footballer.

About what is coming, he affirmed. "We have two hard communications against Católica and La Calera, teams that are fighting above, hopefully we can reverse the situation soon, the group deserves it," said the ex-captain of Colo Colo.

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