Latino artist behind God of War on PS4 pay tribute to Smash Bros. Ultimate


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Rough Grassetti, Designer and director of the art division of the team that led the final installment God of War He played through his social networks a series of illustrations that he personally worked in his free time to commemorate the launch of the final installment of the franchise of struggles. Nintendo.

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Art director with more than twelve years of experience and today one of the fundamental pillars of the most important development Sony Entertainment, How are the dependencies of the recognized Santa Monica Studios Located in California, today pay tribute to one of the most successful summer deliveries: Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The illustrator of Brazil and a worker in the film adaptations and entertainment products of series such as Star Wars, Marvel Series, Transformers and Gi Joe surprised the community through the series of shared photographs with which he already has thousands of positive reactions.

You can review the pictures below. What do you think of her?

Smash Bros. Ultimate He arrived on December 7 at Nintendo Switch.


Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage

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