Landing on Mars: The celebration at NASA from the moment in which the insight probe reaches the red planet


The ship will be the first mission to set SicilyMogs on Martian soil to analyze "the entrails" of the planet.

The mission has instruments that allow you to build the surface to a depth never reached and thus measuring the seismic movements of the red planet.

  • The Insight Mission Countries on Mars: Why Is It So Hard To Reach The Red Planet?

To achieve its destination, Insight had to get a hard test in which many other missions did not have to land on the surface of Mars.

Almost two-thirds of previous attempts have occurred.

There was a civil operation that forced to speed up the 19,800 kilometer speed per hour to 8 kilometers per hour in a run of only 7 minutes, time being exposed between the atmosphere and the landing.

The operation was observed with attention and expectation in the control room of the California Laboratory Propagation Laboratory of California, of which the mission was followed.

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