Lagos Fustiga, right for change of mind on the presidential period


The former president was the last to exercise for a period of six years, and during his administration, he sent the constitutional reform which left, among other, the current presidential system for 4 years without relegation. In this debate, he recalled, "If you wanted to go down for four years, this is with immediate re-election and time." But at this time, his suggestion found no welcome of the right that "now is thinking that he refused to do the other time," he irons.

Former President Ricardo Lagos Escobar has been involved in the debate on the initiative, seeking to resolve the immediate presidential revolution, or abandon the current four years of office. And he did it, refreshing the memory of the right one, which has set the issue on the table.

The former president was the last time to practice for a period of six years and in his administration the constitutional reform that left the current 4-year system without re-election, as part of the Palace of Constitutional reforms and that transposes other such changes. Elimination of the appointed and live senators.

In this sense, Lagos recalled that in the debate, "I proposed Rielection at the time when it was reduced to four years, that is the truth. And, as you wanted to go down to four years, I said it would be with immediate re- Election and time. "

However, he noticed that his proposal did not find a welcome. "At that time, it was said that we would not hear about the reform, because somebody might be tempted (…) Well, now the right thing is that he refused to do the other time," he commented, ironically.

The new project project was recognized this week by the National Renewal Law Officer Francisco Francisco Eguiguren, along with his co-religious Karin Lock and Sebastián Torrealba, as well as the support of the Communist Deputy Carol Cariola and his Christian Democrat counterparts Michael Murray and George Sabag. The initiative consists of the possibility of realignment before the time comes for mandate and for a time.

The idea was met with good eyes in La Moneda, where they continued to analyze this proposal. "We in this program offer two ways: increase the government's term to six years or appreciate an immediate re-election at one time. (…) So we believe this is a project that is in line with me Have presented and, consequently, we are going to study it, "spokeswoman Cecilia Peezz.

But while the idea of ​​immediate re-election is a consideration of the government's program, President Sebastian Pianera, closed the door. In March, in his first television interview, when he accepted the presidency, he said: "I am not a supporter of immediate re-election, but I believe we have to expand the presidential term, because four years is too small" and " I do not like that presidents can be re-elected, as I also believe the presidential term should be expanded. "

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