Kilyan Mbat chose the best player he faced this time Sports

Kilian Mobility was one of the 2018 protagonists in world football. The French soccer player, just 19 years old, took the Copa trophy to the best player in the 21st world and finished fourth in the golden ball.

And although he is considered a real crap, the French striker looks at the great qualities of the players he faces, and in this sense, He chose the most "heavy" opponent he had at this time.

In an interview with France football, the striker announced that Eden Hazard, Chelsea Attacker, was the player against whom he faced what surprised him most in the 2018.

"Hazard was the one that impressed me most this year, against Belgium, in the semi-finals, it was impressive in terms of the game, it happened just in the right season and without any doubt, it's a demon. When I played close to him, barely five meters, I was surprised by his speed of execution. Always with the ball stuck to the foot. Also the amount of things he still knows with his head down. There is no room that can not be seen. "Launched MBAPPé.

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