JVR calls left to "issue" to TC failure on conscientious objection regulation | National


The UDI president, Jacqueline Van Rosselsberg, called on the link to "issue" the decision of the TC by regaining conscientious objection by the abortion law on three grounds; Prior to the possibility that the opposition constituted the ministers of the court consistently.

In response, feminist organizations analysts go to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Follow the reactions to the decision of the TC that declares an unconstitutional Article 13 of the regulation on conscientious objection in the law that the diskriminals abortion Under three grounds, And it has some episodes in the processing of said regulation.

They are 8 votes in favor and two against At the request of Chile Vamos, with whom the institution declares the article of the regulation unconstitutional. From the Communist Party is the possibility of presenting a constitutional message against the members of the organ, for political use in the determination of the organism.

In this regard, it was Senator Jacqueline Van Rosserberher who called the opposition to Submit to the Determined By the Constitutional Court.


The opposition criticized the fact that the government He did not protect his regulation before the TC; Accusing the executive from using the UDI to establish the change in the law.

Different feminist movements that watch over the reproductive health of women, are analyzing the possibility to go to the Inter-American Human Rights Court to submit a request for violation of the rights of women, as they claim that the state Is hiring medical conscientious objects in public health, To affect the law.

This was stated by the former president of Milwaukee Chile, the Academic and researchers on reproductive rights, Claudia Dides.


The Constitutional Court established that private health establishments that have signed the regulated regulation, may not be a subsidiary subscription if they consider benefits from Obstetrics and gynecology, Which reaches six hospital sites across the country.

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